Explore how 48 global markets are adopting real-time payments and unlocking benefits across the ecosystem as a result.

Real-time payments are now on the global agenda. While everyone from governments to billers, fintechs, merchants and individual citizens stand to benefit, realizing your country’s real-time future requires keeping one eye on the direction of its travel and understanding your role in its implementation.

Last year, we worked with GlobalData to bring you the most comprehensive real-time payments report to date. In this year’s report, we’re going even bigger with exclusive insights from 48 global markets.

Explore how different markets are adopting real-time payments and what barriers they're overcoming, and see emerging innovations in the ecosystem. The report also assesses the conditions that allow some countries to see a rapid upward trajectory while others remain inhibited—and highlights the impact of COVID-19 on real-time adoption, along with growing fraud risks.

It’s Prime Time for Real-Time—and building that future starts here.

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