About This Webinar

Payments modernization is the biggest challenge facing today’s banks. And in the high-value payments business, the modernization agenda is being driven by rapidly approaching ISO 20022 migration deadlines for every high-value scheme in the U.S.

Watch ACI Worldwide high-value payment experts in this short webinar recording as they outline the roadmap to rapidly achieving compliance and building a platform for future ISO 20022 innovation using Payments as a Service.

Explore how you can:

  • Achieve operational efficiencies
  • Lower cost per transactions
  • Reduce total cost of ownership for high-value payments technology

Featured Panelists

  • Adam Needel

    Principal Product Manager of Real-Time, Corporate Payments
    ACI Worldwide

  • Dolores Scarmozzino

    Principal Solution Consultant of Real-Time
    ACI Worldwide

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