The Rise of a Cross-Border, Real-Time Payments Ecosystem in Europe

For consumers in Europe, the need for improved payment systems has never been more apparent. The transition of COVID-19 into an endemic, continued supply chain disruptions and rising inflation continue to cause uncertainty and instability.

Financial institutions in Europe were quick to get into real-time payments to stay relevant and competitive, but what’s the actual business case for real-time payments? And what do financial institutions need to know about how to navigate this changing landscape?

To gain a deeper understanding of consumer expectations in 2022 and beyond, we commissioned this new report exploring how consumers view the rise of digital and real-time payments and where things are likely heading.

In this report, you will get a consumer-driven case for continued payments modernization in Europe, including:

  • Insights from the 2021 European consumer payments landscape
  • Why real-time payments are quickly becoming the most popular payment method in the region
  • How the demand for real-time will impact cross-border, eCommerce purchases

Plus, a deep dive into the development of real-time payment systems in:

  • U.K.
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • The Nordic countries
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