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The Federal Reserve has drafted the latest chapter in the real-time payments revolution in the U.S. with the launch of the FedNow Service, joining The Clearing House’s Real-Time Payments platform and others with another way to offer faster ways to pay for Americans.
Connect with ACI and FedNow experts for an update on the status of FedNow just ninety days after launch, including adoption updates, consumer awareness and interest, plus a deeper discussion on new use cases to take off with the new service.

Learn more about the Request for Pay feature and the benefits it brings, as well as the additional security and liquidity offered by faster payment methods.

Featured panelists

  • Tara Downing

    ACI Senior Product Manager

  • Jasmine Vasa

    ACI Product Management Director

  • Kelli Cumiskey

    Director, FedNow Product Team
    Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

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