Discover Key Insights From Industry Experts in This New Educational Video Series

Join industry experts from ACI Worldwide for this new video series in which we cover important topics related to issuing as a service.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

Episode 1: Retail Market Trends and Challenges
The retail market is in a state of transformation, with customers changing the way they pay and retail banks modernizing their legacy infrastructure to gain flexibility, lower costs and improve their time to market. In this video, you’ll find out which new payment methods have been observed globally, how new methods affect retail banks’ solutions and more.

Episode 2: How Real-Time Payments Affect the Card Market
Discover the impact real-time payments have on the card market, cash and checks. Learn how the U.S. intends to catch up with other global markets using FedNow and see real-time payment growth forecasts in this in-depth video.

Episode 3: Issuing Deployment Models: Cloud and SaaS vs. On Premise
What flexible deployment models are available to retail banks? What is SaaS, and why are financial institutions choosing subscription models instead of upfront licenses? What is the benefit to moving your issuing solution to an “as-a-service” model? We answer these and other important questions in this new video.

Episode 4: Issuing Solution Details and Needs
Card markets and consumer demands are changing — what can retail banks do to keep up? This informative video explains why now is the time to replace legacy systems with a modern issuing solution — and how such a solution can help you capitalize on new trends in the card market.


  • Dean Wallace, Director Product Management, ACI Worldwide
  • Geoff Tunbridge, Head of SaaS, ACI Worldwide
  • Craig Ramsey, Head of Real-Time Payments, ACI Worldwide
  • Javier Pino, Principal Product Manager, Retail Payments, ACI Worldwide
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