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51 Markets: The Payment Trends, Technology and Initiatives

Join ACI Worldwide and guest experts as they explore why real-time payments are forecasted to double in the next five years, plus:

  • The top five growth markets and use cases
  • The impact of the pan-European SCT Inst scheme, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific central-bank-driven themes, the FedNow® Service and RTP from the Clearing House in the U.S. plus Brazilian PIX
  • How real-time payments are acting as a catalyst for economic growth and financial inclusion
  • Why early adoption leads to more sustainable growth fueled by continuous use cases

Watch key moments from the webinar below:

Even the most mature real-time markets have room to grow

Global real-time payments are predicted to grow at a 16.7% annual rate from 2023 to 2028.

Clear evidence that real-time payments are happening across borders

Use cases from Asia and potential for real-time payments between Latin American countries.

G20 agenda and targets for cross-border payments

They prioritized improving cross-border payments.

Real-time payments are seeing growth and adoption, with plans to migrate legacy payment systems

We foresee a gradual shift from legacy technology platforms to real-time payments.

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