For the first time in more than 40 years, the United States welcomes a new payment network: real-time payments (RTP).

Delivering Real-Time Satisfaction with Faster Payments
Webinar: Thursday, November 7 at 2pm ET

As we continue the discussion, register for our sixth webinar titled, "Delivering Real-Time Satisfaction with Faster Payments" and we'll share insight on how 67% of companies are raising consumer satisfactions and saving costs with faster disbursements.

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"Real-Time Payments (RTP) have the potential to revolutionize the way in which consumers pay their bills. A significant portion of consumer bill payments is expected to migrate to RTP during the next five years, providing benefits to corporates in cash flow, payment certainty, reconciliation, and cost."

- Leo Lipis, Chief Executive, Lipis Advisors


#1 Real-Time Payments Coming to the U.S.
Faster Payment.JPGPresenters: Keith Gray, The Clearing House, Leo Lipis, Lipis Advisors, Michelle Ziolkowski, Wells Fargo, Steve Kramer, ACI, Sandra Horn, ACI

See new survey results and learn how executives plan the move to faster payments, meeting customer demand and achieving long-term savings. View On-Demand

#2 Faster Payments Coming to U.S. – Are You Ready?:
slide 10.jpgPresenters: Keith Gray, The Clearing House, Leo Lipis, Lipis Advisors, Joe Padgett, LCEC, Steve Kramer, ACI, Sandra Horn, ACI

Learn how you can leverage faster payments to boost consumer satisfaction and savings, what impact this new system will have on current payment methods, and where payments are expected to head in the next five years. View On-Demand

#3 How Real-Time Makes Payments Real Easy:
slide 10.jpgPresenters: Eric Foust, Zelle, Cyndi Hendricks, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, Mahala Johnson, ACI, Sandra Horn, ACI

The era of real-time payments is here and more than 75% of consumers want speedy payments. View our panelist discussion to hear new survey results and learn why most companies plan to move to real-time payments, meeting consumer demand for simple and safe payments. View On-Demand

#4 How to Drive Satisfaction with Real-Time Payments:
slide 10.jpgPresenters: Kelly Alpert, VP of Innovation, Visa, Simon Brooks, Sr. Product Manager, UK Faster Payments, Dean Wallace, Sr. Principal Product Manager, ACI, Sandra Horn, Sr. Principal Product Manager, ACI

Are you embracing faster payments to drive consumer satisfaction? Hear from our real-time payments experts on how real-time payments can instantly create more satisfied consumers and learn the types of payments to start speeding up in 2019. View On-Demand

#5 It Pays to be Fast:

RTP Part 5.JPG
Robert Foote, Bank of America, Silvana Hernandez, Mastercard, Mark Lawrence, Lendmark Financial Services, Mahala Johnson, ACI

Do you offer the disbursement options consumers want? Hear from our real-time payments experts on how real-time disbursement can instantly create more satisfied consumers and meet your bottom line. View On-Demand

#6 Delivering Real-Time Satisfaction with Faster Payments:

RTP webinar 6.JPG
Anuj Bathla, Visa Direct, Magnus Carlsson, Association for Financial Professionals, Mahala Johnson, ACI

Paying consumers faster have proven to raise consumer satisfaction and cost savings. In addition, 67% of companies are already developing real-time disbursements. Are you ready? View On-Demand


Faster Payments Are Coming to U.S. – Are You Ready?

What are real-time payments? You can define real-time payments as a new payment method that instantly takes money out of one bank account and deposits the money in another bank account, 24x7. The same transaction carries both the payment and the remittance data describing why the sender made the payment. Read more
Increasing Collections & Satisfaction: Real-Time Payments for Loan Servicing

The old adage that “cash is king” is precisely that: old. In today’s world, convenience is king and real-time payments deliver it in spades. Consider that convenient ways to pay can reduce late payments by up to 76%**, while reducing call center volumes by up to 83%**, and it’s no wonder lenders are expanding their offerings over time to include checks, ACH, debit cards and now real-time payments. Read more
A Master Class in Convenience: Faster Payments for Higher Education

Paying for college can be a real pain, and the act of paying tuition itself has not kept up to speed with the times. According to Aite Group, 40% of tuition payments are made by ACH (electronic check), making it the most popular method of payment for higher education. Yet, these payments can sometimes take several days to process. In a world where college students send and receive over 120 text messages per day, immediacy is key. Read more
A Prescription for Profitability: Real-Time Payments Come to Healthcare

Just as credit cards helped usher in a period of convenience and simplicity in payments, real-time payments promise to change the world of payments in new and profitable ways. And with patients today growing more accustomed to immediate satisfaction, real-time payments satisfy the demand for instant confirmation and gratification, leading to greater patient satisfaction, loyalty, and reduced costs. Read more


* Aite Group

** Mastercard Advisors

To discuss the benefits of real-time payments—or to participate in a user group that will shape the user experience for faster payments associated with paying bills and disbursing of funds, please email us at [email protected]