Despite the leaps in progress, many banks are still struggling with digital transformation. While most financial institutions have accepted that the cloud will be of paramount importance in the future, they are left attempting to cope with legacy infrastructure and third-party processes, which can cause inefficiencies.

When technology isn’t working in a way that a financial institution expects, it can result in major lapses in efficiency and processing problems on a daily basis. Human resources are wasted trying to make technology work, especially when their efforts and expertise could be better utilized in other parts of the business.

By accelerating cloud processes, banks have the opportunity to make substantial, transformative changes within their culture and the talent that they attract, which benefits the business in its entirety. Reaching this point of greater overall efficiency through hiring strategies is the end goal that financial institutions should be striving for.

Join our panel of industry experts from ACI Worldwide, Finextra, Mettle and Lloyds Banking Group as they discuss:

  • What inefficiencies are currently present in cloud systems of today?
  • How can financial institutions improve how cloud is utilized?
  • How can streamlining cloud processes indicate what talent is required within a bank?

Speakers include:

  • Gary Wright - Head of Research, Finextra [Moderator]
  • Ronald Wong - Head of Platform Modernization, ACI Worldwide
  • Wayne Freeman - Chief Technology Officer, Mettle
  • Angela Johnson-de-Wet - Head of Function, Portfolio Management, GCOO, Lloyds Banking Group

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