Fill your campus with fast,
simple and secure payments

With ACI Speedpay for Higher Education

Discover your road to a better payments process with our interactive map.

Discover your road to a
better payments process
with our interactive map.


Manage all of your accounts receivable payments in one place

  • Simplify non-A/R, sponsor and 1098-T payments
  • Receive one consolidated deposit by the next business day
  • Pre-reconciliation services
  • Reduce costs with a simpler way to accept campus wallet payments and other popular alternative payment methods

Student Financial

Offer payment plans and real-time disbursements to increase student satisfaction while reducing their stress

  • Offer a student payment portal with an integrated payment plan and international payments in over 200 currencies
  • Disburse funds directly to students’ debit cards or mobile wallets in minutes
  • Securely process in-person student account payments with ACI Speedpay cashiering


Provide digital access to on-campus housing for students and visitors

  • Limit access to student housing and parking with mobile IDs and passes
  • Integrate student payment accounts by using their mobile ID for vending machines and laundry services


An easier way to pay for meals

  • Use on-campus accounts, cards or alternative payment methods to power meal plans and POS purchases.
  • Mobile IDs and payments speed up the cafeteria line and also enable late-night snacks from vending machines


Smarter, secure bookstore payments in-store and online

  • Securely provide the latest payment methods at the counter or at digital checkout
  • The eShop enables a quick and easy setup of online shopping marketplaces


Control access to on-campus parking lots and garages

  • Digital IDs and passes limit who can utilize limited on-campus parking
  • Streamline payments for fees, fines and permits


Offer mobile tickets and payments on game day

  • Mobile wallet ticketing reduces fraud while providing convenient, secure entry
  • Enable secure P2PE payments at the point of sale for concessions and merchandise
  • The eShop function enables online ticket sales for special events
  • Integrate with third-party ticket providers
  • Streamline subscriptions and recurring payments

Campus Security

Control access for students and visitors across campus with mobile IDs, tickets and passes

  • Secure dorms, classrooms and other facilities with mobile access management
  • Provide temporary digital IDs and parking passes for parents and visitors
  • Restrict who can enter sensitive or secure areas on campus
  • Immediately send emergency notifications and alerts to student and faculty mobile wallets

Campus Technology

Simplify integration and installation while ensuring payments security and compliance

  • Seamless integration with Anthology, Ellucian, Oracle PeopleSoft and most other student information systems
  • Reliance on an industry-leading payments security program as well as the latest fraud controls
  • Ensure compliance with Nacha and PCI regulations, including PCI scope reduction through P2PE (validated) for in-person payments
  • Integrate non A/R payment processing with other platforms

University Development/
Alumni Association

Provide simple options to allow alumni and parents to donate to your institution

  • Offer easy, online methods to make one-time or recurring donations
  • The eShop function enables online fundraising for alumni and charitable giving events

Off-Campus Dining
and Retail

Link off-campus payments with students' on-campus accounts

  • Provide students with the flexibility to use their on-campus account and ID at off-campus restaurants and retailers
  • Existing merchant relationships enable seamless payments at dining and retail locations


Learn more about the latest higher education billing and payment trends

  • Visit the ACI Speedpay Pulse interactive tool to see how billing and payment preferences are evolving across higher education and other industries

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